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    New International Airport in Mexico City

    Future airport terminal, with an approximate floor area of 743,000 m2 distributed over four levels, which is expected to serve some 68 million passengers a year.

    The building will be based on an X-shaped design created by architects Norman Foster and Fernando Romero. It combines cutting-edge architectural features based on sustainability and functionality to ensure the smooth flow of passengers through the airport’s transit zones, as well as its shopping and restaurant areas.

    The terminal is housed under a continuous light weight membrane, with an almost aerodynamic silhouette, which forms the walls and the roof, supported by 21 large funnel-shaped columns. The modular mesh structure is extremely light in response to the requirements of the site and to minimise its environmental impact.

    The materials (primarily steel, aluminium and glass) and the design are both conceived to make the most of the natural light and to facilitate natural ventilation, reducing energy consumption. The building will also be self-sufficient in terms of power and water. The new terminal will include specific features compatible with LEED Platinum certification (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).

    The project also includes construction of 95 contact positions for aircraft with the terminal building and 68 remote boarding gates, arrival and departure lounges, baggage reclaim area and service hubs (mechanical, electrical, plumbing and sanitation installations, fire prevention and the baggage system).

    General Information

    Mexico City 
    Acciona’s Role
    Approximately 743,000 m2 terminal distributed over four levels.
    Value of the project
    3,900 million euros
    Expected completion date
    Late 2020


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