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    Maritime Works

    ACCIONA has carried innumerable private and public maritime works in Spain -a country with 7,780 kilometers of coastline-. The list includes countless ports, dry docks and shipyards, moorings and canals for a variety of regional authorities, as well as marinas for private investors, energizing international trade in goods and passengers.

    ACCIONA always carries out its work in accordance with its commitment to sustainability, taking the utmost care to attend to the social and environmental aspects of each of its works, making constant efforts to enhance construction processes and taking the necessary steps to protect the environment. Thanks to its extensive experience and its use of cutting-edge technology, ACCIONA has carried out a long list of high-profile projects both at home and abroad. It has garnered a wealth of experience in maritime works and is equipped with the very latest machine technology. A prime example is the “Kugira” floating dock, one of the largest of its kind in the world, which takes just ten days to turn out caissons measuring 70 meters long by 36 meters wide by 35 meters in height.


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