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    Throughout its extensive history, the railway has proven itself as one of the faster, more efficient, comfortable and sustainable transports among all that exists.

    As a result of the constant investigation and innovation, its role at some countries transport infrastructure has become more and more important during the last decades.

    Different factors as the consolidation of the high-speed railway, where the technical complexity multiplies, or the bet on trams and underground lines that numerous cities have made as they are sustainable alternatives, have set new challenges at the construction of this kind of infrastructures. To face them, ACCIONA counts on more than 100 years of experience at the construction of railway lines in which it has made its mark in hundreds of projects. Throughout this time, its incessant search of technical excellence, driven by its commitment to innovation has made ACCIONA to become and international benchmark company at the development of any kind railway lines.

    As an outcome of its compromise with the environment and the communities where it develops its activity, ACCIONA carries out all its performances under a global sustainability criterion that includes both social and environmental aspects.

    ACCIONA has built more than 3,000 kilometers of railway lines of which 1,200 km are high-speed railways. Furthermore, ACCIONA has participated in the development of the underground infrastructure of cities like Madrid (lines 2,7,8,9 Metrosur and Metronorte), Barcelona (lines 5 y 9), Valencia, Bilbao, Medellin or San Juan in Puerto Rico. Regarding to trams, ACCIONA has an extensive portfolio including the construction of urban tramways at Barcelona, Zaragoza, Murcia, Santa Cruz de Tenerife o Parla.

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