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    ACCIONA began operating in Brazil in 1996, where it has developed projects for private and public customers alike. These include the remodelling of Luz de Sao Paulo station, the management and operation of the Londrina-Warta-Cambé-Cambará motorway and the construction of the Volkswagen Group factory in Resende. It has also remodelled the Vera Cruz Film Studio complex, the Julio Prestes railway station (which has become a concert hall) and the Martiniano de Carvalho building in São Paulo, currently used as offices by Telefónica. In recent years, it has completed projects like the Banco Santander CPD in Campiñas, Terminal 2 of the Port of Açu in
    Sao Joao de Barra, and the construction and subsequent operation of the BR393-RJ until 2045.

    At present, it is undertaking projects of the calibre of Lots 4 and 6 of the Rodoanel Mario Covas in Sao Paulo.


    Rodoanel Mario Covas in Sao Paulo

    Rodoanel Mario Covas in Sao Paulo

    LOT 4: 9,1 km including intersection with Rodovia Fernao

    LOT 6: 12 Km including the intersection with Vía Dutra and the Airport access (3.6 km)

    Açu Port

    Açu Port

    Engineering, design and construction

    BR-393/RJ Highway

    BR-393/RJ Highway

    Concession for the design, construction, financing and operation of a 200-km long toll highway between the states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.



    +55 11 30472935/02
    Rua Olimpiadas 134, andar 7 Vila Olimpia, CEP 04551-000 - São Paulo - Brazil


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