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The SHINE project is a FP7 funded project which aims for the development of new self-healing elastomers with mechanical properties comparable to conventional ones (with 60% recovery of the initial properties after healing), repeatable self-healing, operable at room temperature and without human intervention.

The objectives include also developing and standardizing test methods to quantify the efficiency and effectiveness of the self-healing process.

The new generation of elastomeric materials will be scaled up and applied into existing products with the goal to improve their durability and reliability. Products such as dynamic seals, shock absorbers and anti-vibration systems used in machinery, vehicles, bridges, railways and roads are within the scope of the project.

The expected impacts derived from the project will result in an increase of products lifetime, decrease in maintenance costs and rehabilitation works and an improvement in safety, by reducing traffic accidents, traffic jams and road congestion.


01/02/20103 - 31/07/2017


  • ACCIONA Infraestructuras S.A.
  • DPI
  • Fundación CIDETEC
  • Jülich
  • Critical Materials
  • TuDelft universitiy
  • Teijin Aramid
  • SKF
  • BIWI

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