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Photocatalytic Product

Over the last decades, there has been growing concern regarding environmental pollution in large cities.

Nitrous oxide emissions (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in large urban centres are damaging to people’s health. These pollutants come mainly from road traffic and air traffic, from buildings and nearby industries. For this reason, the European Commission has developed several directives that aim to limit the concentration of these compounds in the air (2008/50/EC, 2001/81/EC).

ACCIONA has developed an additive with decontaminating properties and self-cleaning that can be used in any building material such as concrete, firm, paintings etc ..

This additive can be part of any element of the city, from the envelopes of the buildings to the cobbles sidewalks, making these urban elements are decontaminating elements. The most recent application of this technology involved the use of this additive to concrete slats that make up the building of the Carlos III University. 

Faro de materiales compuestos - Puerto de Valencia
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Composites are made up of resins and fibres which, when combined, allow for the creation of a new material that provides much better performance than that achieved by the materials separately.

Tunnelling Machine Control Centre

The optimisation of the construction process includes the use of tools such as BIG DATA. This tool allows the collection of large amounts of data, its analysis and the prediction of situations based on statistical patterns.

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