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ACCIONA Construction completes the construction and sinking of the last caisson of the Los Mármoles dock extension in Lanzarote

  • The new 430-metre dock was completed in two months with ACCIONA Construction sinking the last caisson into place in record time.
Caisson technology in the construction of port infrastructures
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ACCIONA completed the seventh and final caisson of the Los Mármoles dock extension in the Port of Arrecife (Lanzarote) on 13 August.

The Chairman of Las Palmas Port Authority, accompanied by other dignitaries, watched the impressive operation to sink the final caisson and emphasised the “perfect timing with the deadlines for the project, which will come to an end in November 2017”.

The project has required the coordinated work of a team of 200 people, working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in order to successfully meet the project’s deadlines. 

The new Los Mármoles dock, which is 430.40 metres long, was made from lightweight reinforced concrete caissons constructed by the Kugira floating dock owned by ACCIONA Construction. This caisson-building technology significantly reduces the environmental impact compared to traditional methods as well as shortening delivery times. 

At 56 metres high, 74 m long and 49 m wide, the Kugira floating dock is the largest in Europe and one of the biggest in the world. It constructed one caisson every eight days to produce the seven caissons for the new Los Mármoles dock. Of these, the six largest caissons weighed 14 million tons each and measured 66.54 m long and 17.50 m wide, while the smallest was 29.15 m long and 17.50 m wide. A top sliding speed of 30.42 cm/h was recorded for this last caisson, setting a new sliding speed record for the Kugira.

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