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ACCIONA Construcción, through AMISA, takes part in the 10th Conference on Winter Highways Management


In addition to sponsoring the conference, AMISA gave a talk on winter highways management in Canada 

The conference brought together more than 400 professionals in the sector, from Spain and abroad.

ACCIONA Construcción, through ACCIONA Mantenimiento de Infraestructuras (AMISA), took part in the 10th Conference on Winter Highways Management held in Santander in March.

AMISA had a prominent role at this 10th edition, sponsoring the conference and taking part in the session on international winter highways management with a talk entitled “Winter Management of the Highways in the Canadian Network”. It was also a winner in one of the two categories of the photo competition at the event.

This national conference is organised by the Spanish Committee of the World Road Association (PIARC), part of the Technical Highways Association (ATC) and the Association of Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation Companies (ACEX) of which AMISA is a member.

The event brought together more than 400 professionals in the sector, from Spain and abroad, to examine how public administrations and specialist companies in the sector deal with, organise and manage the challenges of managing highways in the winter.

At the institutional level, the conference looked at the organisational resources and processes involved in managing the network of highways during the winter belonging to the State (Ministry of Public Works and Transport), the regions of Madrid, Navarre and Castilla y León and Vitoria city council. The situation in the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Andorra and Canada were also discussed.

At the technical level, the conference examined the latest advances, trends, developments and experiences in machinery, weather forecasting systems and decision-making and management support systems.

Numerous institutions collaborated in the event including the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, the Department of Public Works and Housing of the regional government of Cantabria, Santander city council and various private companies with interests in winter highways management, including AMISA.

The conference was opened by the regional minister of public works and housing of the Regional Government of Cantabria, José María Mazón, and the director general of highways of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Jorge Urrecho. The event was brought to a close by the President of Cantabria, Miguel Ángel Revilla.

The next International Congress on Winter Highways Management will be held in Poland in February 2018.

AMISA is a leading infrastructure maintenance and conservation company with a fleet of 64 snowplough trucks and two dynamic snow-clearing machines that perform the winter highways management work for 2,254 km of roads across Spain (local and national highways).

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