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Inauguration of the extension of the Waste Water Treatment Plant constructed by ACCIONA in Palomares del Rio, Seville


The new plant doubles the capacity of the existing treatment plant. It will benefit around 350,000 people in 20 municipalities in the Aljarafe district and the surrounding area.

The president of the regional government of Andalusia, Susana Díaz, and the president of the provincial government of Seville, Fernando Rodríguez Villalobos, have inaugurated the extension of the Guadalquivir waste water treatment plant constructed by ACCIONA and the company Riegosur, S.A. in the municipality of Palomares del Río, in the province of Seville.

These works will double the capacity of the original plant constructed in 1998, from an average daily flow of 52,500 m3 to 105,000 m3. The extension will allow the waste water generated by around 350,000 residents in 20 municipalities in the Aljarafe district to be correctly treated.

Furthermore, a total of 382 jobs were created during the construction phase and an additional 47 will be created during the maintenance period. 

ACCIONA participated in the project to extend the Guadalquivir treatment plant, worth approximately €23.5 million, through its ACCIONA Construction and ACCIONA Agua businesses.

The works included increasing the pumping capacity of the raw water to be treated, modifying and extending the desanding-degreasing system, sand classification and grease concentrations, expanding the primary and secondary settlement areas, and the biological treatment process, among other improvements. The sludge line has also been extended, increasing the capacity of its thickeners, digesters, storage, heating and dehydration systems and the gas tank.

The electrical facilities have also been adapted and the instrumentation and control installations have been expanded and integrated.

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