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ACCIONA Construction opens #techYsostenibilidad at the Fitur 2017 Trade Fair


#techYsostenibilidad is a forum specifically dedicated to technology and the sustainability challenges associated with tourism.  

The opening address was given by Ignacio Calvo, head of ACCIONA Construction’s technology centre.

ACCIONA Construction led the opening session of the #techYsostenibilidad Forum, organised by the Hotel Technology Institute (ITH), as part of the FITUR 2017 international tourism trade fair. It was one of four themed forums that were held within the “Espacio FiturtechY” program examining diverse aspects of the relationship between tourism, sustainability and technology.

Specifically, #techYsostenibilidad analysed sustainability in this economic sector under the theme of “Sustainable rehabilitation and regeneration of tourism destinations”.

At the opening session held on 18 January, Ignacio Calvo, head of Acciona Construction’s technology centre, gave a talk entitled “How to integrate infrastructures in the region in a sustainable way”.

Ignacio Calvo began his talk explaining how ACCIONA expresses its commitment to sustainable development through its different business areas, such as renewable energy, infrastructure, water treatment and services.

After identifying the threats and opportunities for sustainability offered by tourism infrastructure, he examined how these can be integrated in the region in a sustainable way.

Innovative, highly efficient solutions with competitive costs can be developed from the initial stages of the project (architecture, design, construction) and Calvo went on to refer to the Life Cycle Analysis methodology that ACCIONA uses to assess the sustainability and environmental impacts of its works.

After explaining some of the pioneering systems that ACCIONA has introduced in specific projects (trigeneration, zero emissions, microenergy networks, building control centres, etc.) he presented some of the innovations related to rehabilitation as well as new components for sustainable infrastructure, such as self-cleaning panels or panels treated with biocides. Lastly, he reviewed the advantages of using new information technologies in construction, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM).

These advantages, techniques and materials can also be applied to the construction and maintenance of hotel infrastructures.

The FiturtechY Forum, which includes #techYsostenibilidad, was organised by the Hotel Technology Institute (ITH), the World Tourism Organisation and FITUR. ACCIONA Construction’s participation in this forum is part of a collaboration agreement recently signed with the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourism Accommodation (CEHAT).

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