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The latest advances in structures for building construction and for civil and industrial engineering were presented.

ACCIONA Engineering had a significant presence at the 7th Triennial Congress of the Association of Structural Concrete Science and Technology (ACHE) held in La Coruña from 20 to 22 June. 

This international event brought together professionals and specialists from the world of structures in order to discuss the latest advances, studies and developments in this sector related to both building construction and civil and industrial engineering. The event is also a platform for the non-profit activities carried out by ACHE to promote technology in this sector.

ACCIONA Engineering, as a member of ACHE, has played an active part in the last four additions of the Congress. This year it further consolidated its role giving seven talks about outstanding projects carried out in recent years. 

  • New modular slipway and launch system at the REPNAVAL shipyard

    Manuel Biedma García outlined the project to refurbish Ramp Nº 4 at the REPNAVAL shipyard in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which will increase the capacity of these facilities to take ships up to 120 metres long, 20 metres wide and a maximum weight of 5,500 tons.

  • New Ro-Ro ramp for the Port of Santander

    In his second talk, Manuel Biedma García spoke about the work to replace the hydraulic ramp in this port with one of the twin floating ramps in service at the Raos 8 dock in the same port complex.

  • The effect of random errors on the installation of cables of cable-stayed bridges

    Luis Carrillo described the research carried out for his doctoral thesis to analyse the random effects that occur when installing cables for cable-stayed bridges, by creating a procedure that allows these assembly errors to be simulated and their structural impacts on different types of cable-stayed bridges.

  • Construction of a hydroelectric power station at the foot of the San Rafael dam in Nayarit (Mexico)

    Luis Carrillo explained the project that ACCIONA Engineering has been carrying out since 2012 in the River Santiago basin in Mexico. This hydroelectric power station will extend the complex series of dams and reservoirs constructed along this fast flowing river.

  • Viaducts on the Al-Haramain High Speed Railway (Saudi Arabia)

    Mayra Toledo Serrano outlined the project developed by ACCIONA Engineering for six bridges along the Al-Haramain High Speed Railway (HSR) between the Saudi cities of Medina, Jeddah and Mecca. The line is 400 km long and will require more than 3,000 metres of new bridges to be constructed.

  • New gangway for the Port of Melilla

    Mariano Martín Cañueto presented the technical challenges that ACCIONA Engineering has had to overcome to construct this piece of infrastructure, which connects the disembarkation zone with the new terminal, including a pedestrian walkway and several moving walkways.

  • Lock gate for the small craft harbour of the Port of Santa Cruz de La Palma

    Francisco Javier Martínez López presented this project, commissioned by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Port Authority, consisting of installing two metal lock gates that are 4 metres high and 24.5 metres wide. The goal of the project is to allow the inner harbour of the Port of Santa Cruz de La Palma used by small craft to be completely sealed off to reduce turbulence caused by waves.  

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