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Visitor centre for ACCIONA’s Follo Line project opens in Norway


The centre will provide in-depth information about the design and construction of what will be Scandinavia’s longest railway tunnel.

It will feature a virtual reality system to allow visitors to “travel” inside a tunnel.

The visitor centre for the Follo Line project, in which ACCIONA Ghella Joint Venture is constructing Scandinavia’s longest railway tunnel, opened in April and provides in-depth information about the unique characteristics of the design and construction process.

Located close to Oslo Central Station in the city centre, it provides the local community and visitors to the area with details about this pioneering project in Norway. 

Housed in a modular three-storey building, the centre provides information about construction of the railway project using different media such as audiovisual materials, drawings, documentation and 360° projections of the tunnel under construction.

 It also features a virtual reality system developed in close cooperation with ACCIONA I+D that allows visitors to experience the sensation of being inside a tunnel or in the control room of a tunnel boring machine.

The consortium, which comprises ACCIONA Construction and the Italian firm GHELLA, has provided all of the material for the main part of the third floor, including a real tunnel section and a tunnel boring machine. The modules of this building can be easily updated with new pieces and relevant information as the works progress, until the end of the project. Once completed, the projection and visualisation equipment will be reused for other projects.

The excitement surrounding the Follo Line project, a pioneering initiative in Norway’s railway sector, was the catalyst for this visitor centre. The centre will allow every stage of the project to be documented, from its start in 2016 through to its scheduled completion in December 2021, and is especially intended for residents from areas along the future high-speed rail line. 

The centre’s opening times are from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, Tuesday to Thursday, and from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on Mondays and Fridays, although specific visits can be arranged for large groups. Meetings and guided tours will also be available for residents, communities, local schools and other stakeholders. 

The centre was officially opened by Bane NOR’s project manager, Anne Kathrine Kalager; the project manager from the ACCIONA-Ghella Consortium, Fernando Vara; Bane NOR’s development manager, Helga Nes; and the Bane NOR project manager, Erik Smith.

The Follo Line project consists of a new 20 km double-track line between Oslo Central Station and the intermodal station in Ski. It is a pioneering project in this Scandinavian country as it is the first time that tunnel boring machines have been used. It is part of the wider inter-city development plan for south east Oslo, which seeks to improve and promote the country’s transport infrastructure.

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