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ACCIONA Construction organizes workshop on circular economy in the construction sector

  • Results will be presented for the APSE project, which focuses on the search for alternative materials for the construction of sustainable motorways
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On Wednesday, 22 November, Madrid will host the workshop “Promoting circular economy for a greener road construction”. The event focuses on the circular economy model applied to the construction sector, with the participation of representatives from the Public Administration, business sector and academia.

Organized by the regional government of Madrid in collaboration with ACCIONA Construction, the event will take place in the Comunidad de Madrid Conference Room (Avenida de la Albufera, 246) at 9:00 am. Entry is free and advance registration is required through the following link.

The workshop will address issues such as Spain’s circular economy strategy, incorporating this model into public initiatives at different levels and applying it to the construction sector, especially regarding regulations and success stories.

The latest results from the European APSE project will be presented. The primary goal of this project is to demonstrate and validate a new 100% sustainable asphalt pavement for motorways.

To do that, it has analyzed the partial replacement of petroleum-based products, such as binding material, with other more sustainable options (vegetable oils and bioethanol production by-products). In aggregates, the project also evaluated the inclusion of construction and demolition waste, as well as recycling worn out pavement.

The aim of all this is to promote more sustainable and efficient motorway construction processes by reducing the use of virgin materials and supporting the use of alternative materials in the circular economy.

Following an initial phase of studying the new design in the laboratory, and after conducting accelerated trials on test tracks, the technology was validated on one trial stretch built in Poland and another in Madrid, which is currently in the implementation phase. The results have been satisfactory to date.

Developing new technologies and incorporating new materials to improve sustainability and efficiency in the motorway construction process is one of the lines of work in which ACCIONA Construction participates actively through its R&D Centre. It is part of the Company’s commitment to transitioning towards a new circular economy production model.



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