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ACCIONA Construction presents latest advances from ISOBIO project

  • The ISOBIO project researches the application of natural materials such as straw, hemp and clay to building construction

The development of new bio-based materials and their large-scale application in the construction sector to create more sustainable buildings and facilities was the main topic of the workshop “Eco-materials for low carbon construction”, organized in Madrid by ACCIONA Construction on 21 November.

The event presented the latest advances from the ISOBIO project in which ACCIONA Construction participates through its R&D centre. Its objective is to develop new high-performance insulation materials by combining natural materials such as straw, hemp and clay.

The 4-year project includes studying and selecting bio-based materials, developing them, and validating and implementing them on the European market. Once the materials have been developed, the prototypes will be validated in a variety of climates –in the United Kingdom and at ACCIONA Construction's facilities in Spain–, with dynamic simulations to verify and optimize their thermal properties.

The objective: to reduce the current percentages of CO2 emissions from the building stock and from the construction sector in the European Union, to move towards decarbonization in construction.

The workshop also presented other eco-materials -including new insulation materials, panelling and coverings-, developed as part of the recently concluded Eco-See project, which searched for alternative materials to improve air quality and energy efficiency in nearly zero energy buildings.

Along the same line, forest-based bio-composites were also presented for façades and interior walls, which will be applied in refurbishments and in the construction of new buildings to improve the atmosphere indoors and energy efficiency, developed as part of the OSIRYS project.

The event was attended by representatives of each of these R&D projects, as well as by professionals from the construction sector and academia.

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