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Arrival of the Kugira - the floating dock that ACCIONA will use to extend a dock in the port of Barcelona


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The Kugira floating dock, developed by ACCIONA and one of the largest of its kind in the world, arrived in the Port of Barcelona on 24 August. The Kugira will be used on the project to extend the Muelle Adosado dock in the Port of Barcelona that ACCIONA Construction is carrying out in a joint-venture with the company Copcisa.

The contract is worth approximately €28.3 million (including VAT) and the works are expected to last for 22 months.

The work consists of extending the existing Muelle Adosado dock by constructing an additional 290-metre mooring line that will be 16 metres deep. Once completed, these works will allow the facilities of the adjoining container terminal, which specialises in general cargo and containers, to be expanded and in the longer term to be used for cruise ship berths.

The project requires construction of a dock consisting of seven prefabricated concrete caissons, each one measuring 41.3 x 18.5 x 17.5 metres.

To undertake this work, ACCIONA Construction will use the Kugira floating dock, which is capable of manufacturing caissons longer than 66 metres, 32 metres wide and 34 metres high, significantly reducing construction times.

This innovative floating dock has previously been used to construct some of the most important port projects in Spain and around the world, including the Algeciras external dock in

Cádiz (Spain) and the recently constructed Açu Port in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).

ACCIONA Construction is a world leader for major port works based on caisson technology, using the latest advances in the machinery required for their construction. Over the last decade, ACCIONA Construction has helped to construct more than 14 km of breakwaters, 18 km of docks and 18 million m³ of dredging in various countries.

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