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ACCIONA Construction takes part in the ECO-Binder project to develop more sustainable concrete

  • The project aims to develop a new generation of less polluting building materials

ACCIONA Construction, through its R&D technology centre, is taking part in the European Eco-Binder project, an initiative to develop new concretes based on cements with Belite-Ye’elimite-Ferrite (BYF) technology, a less polluting option than ordinary Portland cement (OPC).

The purpose of the Eco-Binder project is to devise a new generation of building materials with a 30% smaller carbon footprint, 20% better insulation and a 15% lower cost compared to the current Portland cement-based solutions.

To show the effectiveness of this technology, ACCIONA Construction is taking part in the DEMO phase. Four prototype buildings were designed during this phase with identical specifications, but located in different countries: Spain, Romania and the United Kingdom.

Three of the prototypes were built with panels made with each of the cements developed in the project, and the fourth demo is made with ordinary Portland cement. These four models will be studied over the course of one year, to observe how the new materials react in each season, and to analyse parameters such as temperature, humidity and other variables.

This will enable ACCIONA Construction to evaluate the durability of these new concretes, analysing an array of possible aggressive agents to guarantee the suitability of using these new cements in future works.

The goal is to demonstrate the improved insulating properties of concrete made with BYF cements compared to OPC.

Concrete is the most used artificial material on Earth, with some 10 billion cubic metres consumed annually. OPC gives concrete the desired levels of resistance and durability. However, in recent years, growing concern about the environment has led to a search for other options for marketing environmentally sustainable products that perform as well as traditional products.

Thirteen partners have taken part in the Eco-Binder project, in addition to ACCIONA Construction, including private universities, research centres and companies from 10 European countries.

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