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A video game to improve energy efficiency in public buildings. ACCIONA takes part in the TRIBE project

  • Switching off lights or purchasing more efficient electrical devices are some of the more than 250 measures that TRIBE players can apply to their buildings to reduce energy consumption

ACCIONA Construction, through its R&D centre, took part in the TRIBE project, an educational video game in which players must improve building energy efficiency by changing the way that users behave. The purpose of this initiative is to help players change their energy habits, promoting a more rational use of resources.

TRIBE players must reduce water and energy consumption in the buildings, along with associated CO2 emissions. There are several ways to do that - they can control all of the lighting, heating and air-conditioning equipment, switching them on and off at will, or replacing them with more efficient options. They can also choose from a list of 250 energy efficiency measures and apply them to their building.

Players can also see the impact of each of their actions, both on the mood of the users and on their wallets, as they will save money by saving energy. As the users improve their efficiency, they also gain access to new equipment, energy saving measures, etc.

One of the most notable aspects of the video game is that it is based on real data, using a simulation engine fed with information collected in five pilot buildings that are participating as demos in the project. There are two office buildings, a school, a university and a block of flats. User profiles and the impact of each energy efficiency measure that might apply in these buildings were defined through an extensive monitoring campaign using ITC tools and psychological and social studies in each building.

ACCIONA Construction’s participation in the TRIBE project focused on the design, installation and validation of a monitoring system to evaluate energy consumption, comfort conditions and building usage patterns in the five project pilots. The information provided by this system has also made it possible to calculate the energy savings achieved by the campaign, and to validate the results of applying other measures to improve energy efficiency in the pilots.

The TRIBE video game is one of the results of the “Training Behaviours Towards Energy Efficiency” research project, financed by the European Commission in the Horizon 2020 programme, coordinated by Spain’s CIRCE research centre. The video game is a free download for Android and Apple devices and all necessary information can be found on the website (www.tribe2020.eu) and on social media.

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