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ACCIONA Construction to undertake refurbishment of Canfranc International Station in Huesca

  • The building is of great historical and heritage value, catalogued as a Property of Cultural Interest

The joint venture comprised of ACCIONA Construction and Avintia will undertake the refurbishment of the Canfranc International Station, the emblematic railway station built in the 1920s in the town of Canfranc, Huesca.

The project, with a budget of approximately €27 million, includes the construction of the station’s new passenger building, creating a new set of tracks, providing urban development for the area and refurbishing the old station building for use as a hotel and shopping centre.

This action is part of the future reopening of the rail line to international traffic at a station located just 10 km from the French border.

Opened in 1928 to connect France and Spain through the Pyrenees, the building is in the 19th-century French palatial style on the outside, and it is catalogued as a Property of Cultural Interest.

ACCIONA Construction’s joint venture will build a new passenger building with a total usable space of 984 m2, including public spaces for travellers, a traffic management zone, a café, and more.

There will also be four new tracks built, totalling 1.6 km in length, two new 160 m platforms and the rail facilities necessary to ensure safe, modern operation of the infrastructure.

Together with the work on the tracks and the construction of the new building, urban development actions will be taken in the surrounding area, between the new station and the historic building. The latter will be refurbished for future use as a hotel, shopping centre and more.

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