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ACCIONA Construction takes part in the European REINVENT project

  • The purpose of the project is to develop new products for the construction and automotive industries using biomaterials and natural fibres
  • The project will cover the entire value chain: synthesis, manufacture, validation and industrial scaling

ACCIONA Construction is one of the companies taking part in the European REINVENT project, through its R&D Technology Centre. The main purpose of this project is to reduce dependence on products made from fossil fuels, ensuring more sustainable and environmentally-friendly growth through the use of products made of biomaterials and natural fibres.

This European initiative is a direct result of the current challenges on the continent, such as the need to contribute to a more sustainable society or the fight against climate change.

This strategy, which aims to evolve towards a bio-economy, has great potential for the automotive and construction industries.

There are 19 partners, including ACCIONA Construction, from nine countries taking part in this European project, including industrial partners, SMEs, research institutions and universities.

They will be responsible for covering the complete value chain, from applied research through to obtaining and developing the product, as well as validation and marketing.

The REINVENT Project covers the synthesis of new polyols and fibres from seeds and plants, manufacturing new polyurethane foams and scaling them industrially. These foams will replace petroleum-based foams used in the construction and automotive industries.

ACCIONA Construction’s work on the project will focus on validating the products obtained, meaning their improved properties, new functionalities, sustainability and cost, comparing them with the petroleum-based products currently available on the market.

Parallel research and development will also take place into new recycling technologies that are more efficient economically and in terms of energy.

The European REINVENT project has a budget of €6.5 million financed through the European BBI-JU-H2020 programme. This initiative is part of the Horizon 2020 programme, which finances a variety of research and innovation projects in Europe, with a budget of approximately €80 billion.

The kick-off meeting for the European REINVENT project took place on 3 and 4 July in Turin (Italy), attended by ACCIONA Construction’s Technology Centre.

Over the last ten years, ACCIONA Construction’s Technology Centre has taken part in over 100 R&D projects supported by the European Commission, as part of the previous FP7 framework programme (2007-2013) and its current successor H2020 (2014-2020). Through these projects, ACCIONA Construction is researching ways to improve the efficiency and sustainability of its construction processes.


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