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ACCIONA and Avintia Construcción prepare Canfranc station for start of works

  • ACCIONA Construction and Avintia Construcción move 38 historic coaches to start the Canfranc station remodelling works
  • The project includes a new terminal with three passenger lines and improvement of another two freight lines, as well as the refurbishment of the 1928 building and the urban development of the area
  • The station, designated a Site of Cultural Interest, is a symbol in the rail history of Spain and France thanks to the international line that connected the two countries during the 20th century

The joint venture between ACCIONA Construction - Avintia Construcción has begun laying the groundwork for the Canfranc international station to begin the remodelling project.

The first step for the Canfranc Joint Venture, under the direction of ADIF (the Spanish state-owned railway infrastructure manager), will be to move the coaches in the historical collection of the Friends of the Railroad and Tram Association of Zaragoza (AZAFT), which were housed in the old Spanish and French hangars. These vehicles will be transferred to a shunting tunnel and the old locomotive building in order to begin the works on the new station and disassembly of the rail yard.

The remodelling project for this emblematic station includes the creation of a new terminal with three tracks for passengers and another two for freight, as well as the refurbishment and remodelling of the building constructed in 1928, designated a Site of Cultural Interest, to be converted into a five-star hotel. The project also lays out the urban development for the surrounding area.

Canfranc station symbolises the rail history of Spain and France during the 20th century. Opened by Alfonso XIII in 1928, the station was operational until 1970 and served as a connection between Spain and France for 42 years, bearing witness to a great number of stories and legends.

“The refurbishment of Canfranc station will recover an emblematic space in the region and in the history of Spanish transport. For ACCIONA Construction, it is hugely satisfying and a great responsibility to contribute our construction experience to this project, for which we have the most highly specialized human and technical resources,” said Jaime Molina, Manager of the joint venture at ACCIONA Construction.

ACCIONA Construction has a great deal of experience in refurbishment and remodelling projects in historical spaces, such as the comprehensive refurbishment of the National Archaeological Museum in Spain; conversion of the Julio Prestes railway station in Sao Paulo, Brazil, into a concert hall with seating for 1,600; or the refurbishment of emblematic hotels, such as the Hotel Palace in Madrid.

“For Avintia Construcción, this ambitious project is a milestone in the company’s history. Contributing our expertise to the reconstruction of one of the symbols of Spain's rail history is very gratifying for us all,” said Avintia Group Chairman, Antonio Martín.

This project will reinforce Grupo Avintia’s experience of delivering unique projects, due to their history or relationship with their urban or natural surroundings, such as the development and construction of housing on the ski slopes in Baqueira, Torre Malilla in Valencia, or Port Premiá in Barcelona.

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