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ACCIONA Construction builds over 30 km of motorway connecting Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  • The work done by ACCIONA Construction focused on the Jala-Compostela section

ACCIONA Construction was one of the companies tasked with building the new motorway that will connect the cities of Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.

Within the large project, ACCIONA Construction has undertaken several jobs, building over 30 km of the Jala-Compostela section, which measures a total of 68 km in the city of San Pedro Lagunillas.

In this section, ACCIONA Construction has built a total of 17.8 km of road for the motorway (from km 20 to km 37.8), in addition to the new 12.8 km branch road from the city of Compostela.

ACCIONA Construction’s actions on this project include the construction of 17 structures, including bridges, underpasses and overpasses, as well as a tunnel and a viaduct using proprietary technology on the branch road.

Thanks to the Jala-Compostela section, representing an investment of over 5 billion Mexican pesos, the new link reduces travel time between the cities from 50 to 37 minutes, in addition to many other benefits, such as increased safety for the over 110,000 residents who are already using the new motorway.

Construction of this motorway is an initiative of the Mexican Government to promote tourism in the country, as well as to reduce the number of accidents and to facilitate communication between Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta, a route that until now caused serious traffic problems, especially during the holiday periods.

With this project, ACCIONA Construction consolidates its presence in Mexico, where, since 1978, it has been awarded significant contracts such as the construction of the dry dock in Puerto de Veracruz; the New UAM Centre, in Cuajimalpa; the Sheraton Residential Complex, in Acapulco; over 10 hospitals that the company has built in the country, and the most representative project completed recently: the new Headquarters of the Federal Superior Auditor’s Office.

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