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ACCIONA Construction develops new digital tools for industrial maintenance and maritime operations

  • ACCIONA participates in the European MANTIS and SWARMS projects, as part of its commitment to digitize the construction sector

ACCIONA Construction gathered at its R&D Technology Centre on 31 May participants from the European MANTIS and SWARMS projects. The objective of this meeting was to find synergies between the two projects and to promote an exchange in the management of information through a limited broadband. Both research projects are included within the framework of ACCIONA’s commitment to digitalization in the construction sector.

The general aim of the MANTIS project is to provide a proactive maintenance platform based on cyber-physical systems allowing to estimate future performance, predict and prevent imminent errors, as well as programming predictive maintenance on different machines. ACCIONA Construction operates a plant with two production lines in Alcobendas (Madrid), for the manufacture of compound material structures, so the MANTIS project will make it possible to control the production process, in addition to conducting predictive maintenance on all equipment involved.

The purpose of the SWARMS project is to expand and extend the use of underwater and surface vehicles to facilitate the creation, planning and execution of offshore maritime operations and missions. This will reduce the operational costs, increasing the safety of the tasks and personnel involved, and it will expand the offshore sector. This project will help ACCIONA Construction it its relationships related to ports and maritime works, both in inspecting the work done and in supervising new work.

This enables ACCIONA Construction to show its commitment to digital transformation in the construction sector.




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