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TBM “La Carolina” completes its journey for the Quito Metro

  • “La Carolina” bored 3.55 kilometres of underground track from Solanda station to Quitumbe station over the course of nearly a year

One of the tunnel boring machines (TBM) that ACCIONA is using to construct the Quito Metro, called “La Carolina”, reached the end of its underground journey after boring 3.55 kilometres of tunnel and installing 2,281 concrete rings.

“La Carolina” began the excavation works in June 2017, at Solanda station. It reached its first station, Morán Valverde, in January 2018 after constructing 1.9 km of tunnel, where it underwent maintenance and upkeep work to continue on its final journey to Quitumbe station.

The Quito Metro line 1 tunnelling works, for which ACCIONA (through its Construction subsidiary) is currently using three TBMs, are now 74% complete, equivalent to 15.39 kilometres of the total tunnel construction in what will be Quito’s primary mode of transport.

The overall project is 67% complete, with 73 action points between stations and supplementary works, such as ventilation shafts, emergency exits, terrain preparation prior to the arrival of the TBMs, and station accesses. To date, the foundations have been laid at 13 stations, and spaces on the surface that have been used to build the metro are being gradually returned.

The future line 1 of the Quito Metro, which is being built by ACCIONA, will have 22.6 km of tunnel and 15 stations, making it the core element of Quito’s new public transport system.

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