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ACCIONA Construction and ACCIONA Engineering attend the BY&FORCITIZENS conference

  • The conference, organised by the CARTIF Foundation and the regional government of Castilla-Leon's Institute for Business Competitiveness, took place in Valladolid on 20 and 21 September

The purpose of the event was to bring together international companies and leaders who are strongly committed to the development of sustainable and smart cities. The conference featured presentations related to sustainable innovation and smart cities combined with technical visits focusing on sustainable mobility, reducing CO2 emissions and energy rehabilitation.

Two European projects currently underway in the city of Valladolid involving ACCIONA were presented at the conference. The first, the REMOURBAN project, involves sustainable mobility and energy efficiency measures, in which ACCIONA Construction is conducting energy rehabilitation work in Valladolid's FASA district, in addition to implementing photovoltaic integration solutions and different monitoring measures. ACCIONA Engineering, which is also taking part in the project, guided part of the technical visit that took place during the event, showing the work carried out in the district.

The second project visited was the CITyFiED project, also in the area of Smart Cities. This project is providing energy rehabilitation in the Torrelago district in Laguna de Duero, Valladolid. ACCIONA Construction and Engineering are providing the energy analysis and defining a strategy for sustainable urban rehabilitation and other activities.

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