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ACCIONA organises Sustainable Urban Planning workshop in Mumbai, India

  • The future urban plans for the city were presented over the course of two days, when international experts from ACCIONA Engineering advised the local government and shared their experiences of smart and sustainable urban planning in Europe

ACCIONA Engineering organised a Sustainable Urban Planning workshop in the city of Mumbai (India) on 25 and 26 March.

Over the two days, international experts from ACCIONA’s team shared their experiences of smart and sustainable urban planning around the world and in Europe in particular.Various representatives from the authorities in Mumbai also presented projects that are currently being developed, as well as the city’s future urban development plans.

The projects discussed during the workshop included construction of five multi-modal stations as transit-orientated development (TOD) points connected by an urban railway, sustainable mobility areas on the East Water Front, a desalination plant requested by Mumbai's senior government official, as well as solutions for collecting and treating solid waste.

Furthermore, the need to adapt urban development actions to climate change was also one of the central themes of the workshop.

During the conference, the chief planner, Pedro Ortiz, who was Principal Urban Planner at the World Bank and responsible for urban planning in Madrid for many years, presented a potential urban planning strategy for Mumbai, with the aim of controlling the 100,000 shanty homes built annually by the more than 400,000 people that arrive in the city every year.

Bernard Gindroz, an expert in smart cities and chairman of the Club of Cities that applies ISO standards to urban planning, presented the urban planning rules that apply in Europe, encouraging Mumbai to increase local authorities’ involvement in the Club of Cities and apply ISO standards to territorial development.



ACCIONA Engineering is currently carrying out a Partnership Support project for smart and sustainable urban planning, between India and the European Union.

ACCIONA Engineering’s ultimate objective is to draw up a list of urban planning projects that could be financed by the European Union and other multilateral institutions, taking into account the opinion of each municipality and their local authorities, which could be developed by European companies, ensuring the transfer of know-how to local public and private organisations.

As part of this project, financed by the European Union, ACCIONA’s team of consultants plans to organise more sustainable urban planning workshops in the cities of Chennai and Pune and to present the results at the Urban Planning Forum in New Delhi that the EU and the Indian government are planning to hold in September.

The consultancy work that ACCIONA Engineering is offering in India is intended to help ensure more sustainable development of the country’s major metropolitan areas.

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