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Construction of El Recreo station of the Quito Metro is now 92% complete

  • Once operational, it is estimated that more than 57,000 passengers will pass through El Recreo station every day, improving the mobility of people in the El Camal, Villaflora, Ferroviaria, Chimbacalle and Atahualpa neighbourhoods

On 23 April, during the site visit by various authorities, including the Mayor of Quito, Mauricio Rodas, the Line 1 Consortium of the Quito Metro-ACCIONA announced that construction of El Recreo station is now 92% complete.

Construction of El Recreo in the southern part of the city, with a design characterised by its white glass panels, together with Iñaquito station, is currently the most advanced in the project.

The works that have been carried out to date include installation of the glass panels on the mezzanine and passenger platform levels, as well as painting the ceilings with highly-durable low-maintenance paint.The works to construct the ground-level accesses to the station are also underway.

Over the next few days, the escalators will be assembled and the architecture for the technical rooms, the emergency exit and the accesses will be put in place.

El Recreo is one of the four multi-modal stations of Line 1 of the Quito Metro, which will connect with the trolleybus concourse in the station with the same name.The station will therefore be an important connection and mobility node for residents, serving more than 57,000 passengers every day.

The civil engineering work for the 15 stations is at a highly advanced stage and the architectural finishes and electrical installations are currently being put in place.

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