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ACCIONA Construction takes part in the 19th Bridge Constructions Symposium in Leipzig, Germany

  • ACCIONA Construction gave a talk at the event about the technical and environmental challenges of constructing the Frederikssund–Roskilde Fjord highway in Denmark

ACCIONA Construction took part in 19th Bridge Construction Symposium in the German city of Leipzig on 12 and 13 February.

Pablo Fernández Rodero, Works Manager for the ACCIONA Construction project “Frederikssund–Roskilde Fjord connection highway”, gave a talk about the bridge that will connect the east and west shores of Roskilde Fjord in Denmark, and which will be the principal structure of the future 8.2 km, four-lane highway.

During his talk, Pablo Fernández outlined the main technical challenges of constructing the bridge due to the shallow water in the fjord, among other aspects.

He explained that these technical challenges are compounded by the strict environmental and social requirements of the project, in which protecting the natural environment is one of the primary concerns of all the parties involved.

This is due to the fact that the highway crosses an area included in the European Union’s Natura 2000 system, a network of protected areas that are home to some of Europe’s most threatened species, such as the aquatic plant Zostera Marina.

Pablo Fernández also explained that ACCIONA Construction believes it is fundamental to safeguard the project’s landscape and natural habitats, preserving the beauty of the fjord.During the design phase, the multidisciplinary team, which included environmental experts, therefore defined construction and planning solutions that would minimise the environmental impact of the works.

In terms of managing the social impact, ACCIONA Construction is in constant discussions with the communities most affected by its activities, promoting the project through public meetings, site visits, distributing informative leaflets and holding various events.Two visitor centres have also been created for educational purposes, one on each side of the fjord.


The project:Frederikssund – Roskilde Fjord connecting highway

ACCIONA Construction, in a joint-venture with Besix and Rizanni de Eccher, was selected in 2016 to construct the Roskilde Bridge, the main structure of the future 8.2 km, four-lane highway that will connect the east and west shores of Roskilde Fjord in Denmark.

ACCIONA Construction and its partners completed the substructure for this concrete bridge in October 2018, which will be 1.36 km long and have a maximum clearance of 22.2 metres.

In addition to constructing the bridge, the contract includes other structures such as underpasses and overpasses, some of which are already open to traffic and have been delivered to the client, the Danish Road Directorate.

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