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Luis Castilla, CEO of ACCIONA Infrastructure, calls for a change of model to develop the sector

  • Luis Castilla took part in the conference “Challenges in the infrastructure sector”, organised by the newspaper Expansión, which brought together representatives from the public administration, education and business sectors

Luis Castilla, CEO of ACCIONA Infrastructure, took part in the conference entitled “Challenges in the infrastructure sector” organised by Expansión newspaper on 19 December, which examined the main strategies in the sector in the short and medium-term.

Pedro Saura, Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Transport and Housing of the Ministry of Public Works, opened the conference that looked at issues such as government plans to reenergize public works in Spain; the challenges facing the sector; the risks and advantages of public-private partnerships, and the most attractive international markets for Spanish firms.

Luis Castilla spoke in the discussion session that also featured representatives from the business, education and public administration sectors.

His talk looked at some of the areas for improvement to allow the Spanish sector to develop.Among the most important aspects, Luis highlighted the need to increase public investment, which is currently at levels similar to 20 years ago, and particularly low for water infrastructures, environment and maintenance. He also identified the need to improve public tenders, to ensure quality infrastructures that optimise resource use for all stakeholders – taxpayers, workers and users. Lastly, he highlighted the importance of promoting the involvement of private sector capital and experience.

During his talk, Luis Castilla shared some ideas about how to bring about this change of model. He explained the need to ensure more resilient infrastructures – safer, more sustainable, more adaptable to climate change and better suited to the new mobility requirements. He also stressed the need to encourage changes –already taking place– in city mobility models, ensuring better planning that is separated from political cycles, while promoting more collaborative and balanced models that are capable of leveraging the experience and financing available in the private sector.

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