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ACCIONA completes feasibility study for the bridge over the River Paraguay between Asunción and Chaco’í

  • The contract, awarded to ACCIONA in a consortium with another Paraguayan company, also included a feasibility study for the Central Bioceanic Railway Corridor, which has also been completed

ACCIONA has completed the feasibility study for the bridge over the River Paraguay between Asunción and Chaco’í, under a contract awarded by Paraguay’s Ministry of Public Works and Communications in 2017 to the consortium being led by ACCIONA.

This new infrastructure will ensure connectivity and mobility between the metropolitan area of Asunción, the region of Chaco and the border with Argentina, an area that currently has just one road connection via the Remanso Bridge (designed and constructed by ACCIONA at the end of the 1970s) with a single lane in each direction.This new road connection will stimulate real estate development and facilitate the expansion of the urban and industrial area of greater Asunción on the right bank of the River Paraguay.

The subject of the study consisted of a 7.4 km section of newly-reconstructed dual carriageway, designed for speeds of 80 km/h, comprised of two roads each with two 3.5 metre wide lanes, a central reservation, and a pavement for pedestrians and a cycle lane.

The viaduct has a total length of 2,500 metres, of which 449 metres relate to the bridge over the River Paraguay, while the remaining section refers to the access viaducts to the bridge.

The proposed structural solution for the viaduct has been prepared as a preliminary design.

The bridge over the River Paraguay has been designed to be 449 metres long, with a cable-stayed deck attached to a double tower, with a main span of 260 metres and equalizing spans of 94.5 metres.The design of the cables is fan-shaped with the stays attached to both sides of the deck, anchored against a single central column placed on the upper part of the two towers in the shape of a diamond.

Based on the study, ACCIONA and its partner have calculated a total budget for the bridge works of approximately €140 million.

The contract also included the feasibility study to improve the section of the Bioceanic Railway Corridor between Cruce Centinela, Mariscal Estigarribia and Pozo Hondo, on the border between Paraguay and Argentina in the Department of Boquerón.This study has also been completed.

The improvement to this section of Bioceanic Railway Corridor forms part of the Initiative for the Integration of the Regional Infrastructure of South America and consists of the construction of 320 km of two-directional highway, with a geometric route designed for speeds of 100 km/h.This section will complete the whole of the Bioceanic Corridor that crosses Paraguayan territory.

These improvement works, with a budget of €409 million, will improve the existing route, increasing the capacity of the corridor and significantly improving its current conditions, both in terms of journey times and safety.

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