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ACCIONA Infrastructure celebrates World Day for Safety and Health at Work

  • Norway, Australia, Russia, Ecuador, Panama, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Qatar and Spain are some of the countries in which activities have been held to mark the World Day for Safety and Health at Work “TO REMEMBER IT ON ONE DAY BUT APPLY IT EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR”

For its part, ACCIONA Infrastructure celebrated the day with numerous activities in the main countries where it is present.

In Norway, the project team constructing the E6 Ranheim-Vœrnes highway celebrated the day with a theoretical and practical activity entitled “Well-being and Happiness”, primarily aimed at reinforcing the techniques that help to reduce stress and anxiety through a mind and body connection.

In Denmark, the Fjord Link Frederikssund project team marked World Day for Safety and Health with a campaign called “Every person has one or more reasons to work safely”.

The team in Australia organised a day to raise awareness about psycho-social risks, together with a breakfast to recognise its employees’ commitment to health and safety.

Ecuador celebrated World Day for Safety and Health at Work under the slogan “Experience the magic of safety”.  The main activity was “The Circus of Safety”, featuring among others a performance by Dorian the Magician, who showed the workers that “the magic of safety” not only comes in dreams, but must also be a reality in their daily lives.

In Russia, ACCIONA took part in the Russian Congress on Health and Safety through the International Social Security Association, supported by the International Labour Organisation as a member of the “VISION ZERO” organisation.The main focus of the Congress was the integration of the three dimensions (health, safety and well-being) at every level of the working environment.

During the event, ACCIONA Infrastructure explained the principal challenges that lie ahead; a plan based on its pyramid model of cultural transformation that revolves around new technologies; the human factor and integration; as well as other aspects related to new learning techniques, early warning indicators, and intuitive and practical planning models that contribute to greater efficiency.

Panama celebrated the day with a conference on “A future of safe and healthy work”, focused on raising awareness of the risks in the construction sector.The event ended with a breakfast in recognition of the company’s workers.

Brazil organised a day focused on the future of work and stress management to raise awareness among participants of the importance of a culture that prevents work and stress-related accidents and illnesses, by providing statistics, information about nutrition, rest, etc.

Chile held a “Day of Reflection on Safety” based around educational chats and health and safety discussion forums.


For its part, Mexico marked World Day for Safety and Health at Work through a campaign called “Your hands do the building”.

Meanwhile, the Maintenance and Operations Team at ACCIONA Infrastructure in Qatar celebrated a special day in the LEADER programme, taking the opportunity to present awards and recognising its workers for their commitment to health and safety.

In Spain, ACCIONA Infrastructure celebrated by inviting workers to a day of reflection entitled “April 28, World Day for Safety and Health at Work. To remember it on one day… but apply it every day of the year”.

The Infrastructure Maintenance Team at ACCIONA Infrastructure joined in with the campaign called “You’re not alone on the road”, an initiative that seeks to raise awareness among drivers of the possible presence of workers on the roads, so that they take extreme care, reducing the number of accidents that occur in these situations.

ACCIONA Infrastructure also took part in the second health and safety congress organised by the Confederation of Employers and Industries of Spain (CEOE), the Ministry of Labour and the State Foundation for Occupational Health and Safety, under the slogan “Exploring the Future”.The congress featured a talk on the emerging risks from new “green jobs”.

The aim of the talk was to explain to those present (including representatives from the country’s leading companies and institutions) the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals with regards to preventing risks related to health and well-being, decent work, economic growth, and responsible production and consumption.

Over the last 10 years, ACCIONA Infrastructure has been developing a model based on smart prevention, helping to drive the process of change to achieve a genuine impact and a cultural transformation in the field of occupational health and safety, with a commitment to create safe, attractive, inspiring and successful working environments, aligned with the messages of the International Labour Organisation.

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