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ACCIONA and its partners place the last segment in the bridge over Roskilde Fjord

  • This is one of the key milestones in the construction of the 1.36 km concrete bridge that is being constructed over Roskilde Fjord in Denmark
  • Located some 44 km from Copenhagen, it is the principal structure in this 8.2 km highway project

On 2 May, ACCIONA and its partners, Besix and Rizanni de Eccher, put in place the last segment of the Roskilde Bridge in Denmark.

This task marks one of the most important milestones in the construction of the precast segment bridge assembled using a progressive cantilever system that the joint-venture, which includes ACCIONA, is constructing over Roskilde Fjord between Marbaekvej and Torslev Hage.

A total of 492 segments have been put in place, precast using the “short line” system in the Polish city of Sczczecin.The work to assemble these bridge segments, which began on 25 March 2018, is carried out using a launching gantry.

Work on the bridge deck has now begun, consisting of the waterproofing and installation of the barriers so that the asphalting can subsequently take place.

Another major milestone in the construction of this bridge was passed in October 2018 when the substructure was completed.

The Roskilde Bridge has 17 spans, the widest being 83 metres, with a maximum vertical clearance of 22.2 metres.Furthermore, the standard section of the bridge will have four lanes, with a total width of 19.70 metres, connecting the east and west shores of the fjord.  

In addition to constructing the bridge, the 8.2 kilometre highway project includes smaller-scale structures such as underpasses and overpasses, some of which are already open to traffic and have been delivered to the client, the Danish Road Directorate.

The official opening of the project, originally awarded in October 2016 to the joint-venture involving ACCIONA, is scheduled for 28 September this year.

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