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The Line 1 Quito Metro-Acciona Consortium presents latest progress of San Francisco station

  • One of the most advanced parts of the project, this station posed major construction and architectural challenges due to its cultural and historical significance to the city
  • An average of 40,000 passengers is expected to use it every day once it opens

On 9 May, the Line 1 Quito Metro-Acciona Consortium presented the latest progress of the San Francisco station during a visit to the site by various officials, including the Vice-president of Ecuador, who congratulated the company and its employees on the incredible job they are doing.

The work completed so far on the station includes the installation of vitrex wall panels on the mezzanine levels and passenger platform. Work has also been done on covering the ceilings with high-durability low-maintenance paint, while almost the entire floor area has been covered with technical porcelain tiles.

San Francisco station has posed significant construction and architectural challenges for the Line 1 Quito Metro-Acciona Consortium, requiring extreme care and responsibility due to its cultural and historical value to the city.

Numerous stone elements were removed from the plaza bearing the same name where San Francisco station is located. These were numbered and carefully put into storage during the station’s construction in order to return them to their original position after work was complete on the surface. 

The goal is to give the plaza back to the city’s residents in the same condition as it was before work began on the Quito Metro.



San Francisco, one of the most advanced stations in the project, is located in the heart of the city’s old town. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978, it is currently one of the best preserved and unaltered historical centres anywhere in Latin America.

Once the station is operational, an average of 40,000 passengers are expected to use it every day. The public will be able to enjoy spaces designed to house a museum, where visitors will be shown the archaeological remains that were uncovered as well as the local history of this area.

San Francisco station will have two passenger entrances – one from the heritage buildings in the plaza; and another via a 240-metre gallery connecting the station with the entrance to Bulevar 24.

The station sits at an approximate depth of 32 metres beneath the surface and spans an area of 3,150 square metres; in other words, 105 metres long by 30 metres wide.

ACCIONA, through the Line 1 Quito Metro Consortium, is demonstrating that large-scale construction work can be undertaken while respecting public spaces and meeting all the necessary technical requirements, benefiting the local community and providing modern, fast and sustainable transport.

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