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ACCIONA and Avintia Construcción complete engineering works on new rail yard at Canfranc International Railway Station

  • The project, being carried out by a joint venture between the two companies, includes construction of the new rail yard and new station, the restoration and complete remodelling of the 1928 building to convert it into a luxury five star hotel, and the hard landscaping of the area
  • Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, Canfranc International Railway Station is an iconic symbol of Spanish and French railway history thanks to the international line that connected the two countries during the 20th Century

The restoration project on the iconic Canfranc International Railway Station (being undertaken by the ACCIONA-Avintia Construcción joint venture) has reached a major milestone with completion of the new rail yard. This reconfigures the railway map in the area with three tracks for passenger trains plus another two for freight traffic.

Canfranc Station is finally unveiling its new tracks after more than 90 years since the station first opened and almost 50 with no renovation work. To complete this new rail yard, which will provide access to the renovated station, the two companies carried out earthworks to flatten the ground, prepared the levelled area, and installed the sleepers, rails and ballast.

Provisional access will be maintained so that railway traffic can continue to use the existing unmanned stop until the new station officially opens. The new station is scheduled to open in May 2020.

Major progress has also been made in recent weeks on the work to restore and completely remodel the iconic Canfranc station building, which dates back to 1928. The plan is for this building to become a leisure and hospitality space by 2021, and will also house a high-profile hotel with 103 rooms.

The first 50 “Canfranc green” PVC windows have therefore been installed and the surrounding platforms have been built. Restoration work on the façade canopies has also been finished. “We estimate that we’ll be able to start restoring the heart of the Canfranc Station in the spring of 2020, converting it into a luxury five-star hotel and adapting its interior for new activities and purposes. Grupo Avintia is delighted to be involved in the complete remodelling of such a unique and iconic railway station as Canfranc, as well as to contribute towards the metamorphosis of an area with such a clear railway tradition but that urgently needed a comprehensive renovation process. Maintaining the old spirit while introducing new materials into this symbol of Spanish railway history has become a major challenge for our company”, said Jesús García, General Manager for Construction at Grupo Avintia Construcción.

In turn, Jaime Molina, Manager of ACCIONA and head of the Canfranc joint venture, said “The project is complex but very exciting. We have to keep taking steps forward because, although they may be small, they lay the groundwork for the next stage. The aim is to have finished the two railway projects by the spring of 2020 so work can begin on the hard landscaping and the hotel. Construction of the new passenger tracks and connection to the existing railway - although not yet open and with traffic continuing to use the old track - represents a very important step due to ADIF’s demands on a track that is currently in use and is a definitive step towards completion of the rail yard and the new station”.

Besides the works being carried out by ACCIONA and Avintia Construcción, other spaces are being created on the new plaza, such as the Pilgrims Building. This is the first of the new buildings that will form part of the new complex on which work has already finished so it can be opened in late 2019. Funded by the European Union and located in the Explanada de los Arañones, the building will house a residence for pilgrims walking the Way of St. James with almost 400 square metres of built floor space consisting of a reception lobby, administration area, exhibition zone, audio-visual room and a library, among other things.


Canfranc, an icon of Spain’s railway history

Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest, the station is an iconic symbol of Spanish and French railway history thanks to the international line that connected the two countries during the 20th Century.

Opened by King Alfonso XIII in 1928, the station operated until 1970 and was a meeting point between Spain and France for 42 years, as well as the stage for countless stories and legends.


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