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ACCIONA presents its international experience to students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

  • In addition to learning about ACCIONA’s main projects, students had the opportunity to network and hear about the experience of young engineers at the company

ACCIONA held an event for students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) on 14 November in Trondheim, where it showcased its international experience and its most important projects.

During the day, Pilar Blanco, technical manager of ACCIONA’s Roads and Bridges specialised business unit, presented the company and its leading international projects.Mahmoud Timraz, an engineer at ACCIONA, described the three major projects that the company is currently carrying out in Norway, namely the railway tunnels of the Follo Line excavated using tunnel boring machines, the E6 Ranheim-Værnes highway, and the Sandbukta–Moss–Såstad (SMS) railway line, the most recent contract awarded to the company in Norway.

After listening to the presentations, the students had the opportunity to network and learn first-hand about the experience of the professionals that work at ACCIONA.

ACCIONA’s human resources team also explained the different job opportunities for students that might be interested in joining the company.


ACCIONA in Norway

ACCIONA has been present in Norway since 2015 when it won its first contract to design and construct the two 18.5 km twin tunnels of the Follo Line project, which will connect the city of Oslo with the town of Ski.

This project is being promoted by the state-owned company responsible for Norway’s railway infrastructure (Bane NOR) and will be the longest railway tunnel in Scandinavia when it is completed in 2022.

In 2018, Nye Veier, the Norwegian state company for highway planning, construction, operation and maintenance selected ACCIONA to design and construct the section of the E6 highway that will connect the towns of Ranheim and Værnes in the Trondheim region.

This project, which has a budget of around four billion Norwegian Krone (€410 million), involves the design and construction of 23 km of four-lane highway, of which eight kilometres will be underground, with three tunnels between one and four kilometres long.

In 2019, ACCIONA won its third contract in Norway, to design and construct a 10 km double-track railway branch line between the towns of Sandbukta and Såstad, of which 5.5 km will be underground, crossing the municipality of Moss.

The project is part of Bane NOR’s intercity programme, intended to promote communications between the country’s major cities and decongest traffic in the area around the capital city of Oslo.

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