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ACCIONA to construct Logroño South Ring Road

  • The proposal submitted by the joint venture led by ACCIONA has been selected from 12 bids
  • The new section of highway will be 29 km long and have a total budget of more than €111 million

The joint venture led by ACCIONA has been chosen by the Ministry of Public Works to construct the ring road around the southern part of Logroño.Ministry officials said that the proposal from ACCIONA and its partner was “the most beneficial” of the 12 bids submitted to the tender.

The project for the new ring road around the capital city of the La Rioja region uses the route of the AP-68 on the section between Arrúbal and Navarrete, which is toll-free.The works include extensive remodelling of the highway, constructing new junctions and restructuring existing ones, to make up the southern section of the ring road around the city of Logroño.The ring road will run in an east-west direction through the municipalities of Murillo de Río Leza, Agoncillo, Arrúbal, Logroño, Villamediana de Iregua, Lardero, Navarrete and Fuenmayor.

In addition to the junctions, the entire route will be reviewed and the existing signposting, cordoning and barrier systems will be modernised, as well as clearing around the curves in the road as necessary in order to ensure visibility.  A total of 28 structures will be constructed, consisting of 11 overpasses, 16 underpasses and one retaining wall.Furthermore, some 50 agricultural tracks will be replaced and an overpass and two underpasses have been designed for the section of the Camino de Santiago that is affected by the works at the last junction.

The works are scheduled to start in October and will last for 44 months, ending around June 2023.The total budget for the contract is €111.8 million.

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