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ACCIONA develops advanced construction systems based on drones and artificial intelligence

  • ACCIONA is one of 49 participants in the European Comp4Drones project, which aims to develop key technologies to provide safe and autonomous drones for complex applications in the fields of transport, construction, logistics, surveillance and agriculture

ACCIONA is participating in the Comp4Drones project, a European R&D initiative that aims to provide a useful technological framework for the infrastructure sector, especially in the areas of transport, construction, logistics, surveillance and inspection, and agriculture.

The project, which has 49 participants from Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Latvia and the Netherlands, seeks to develop software and hardware for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

The aim is to ensure that the drones are capable of making safe and autonomous decisions, sending reliable information, minimising the design and verification requirements for complex drone applications, as well as ensuring the sustainability and creation of an industry-supported community.

ACCIONA’s role on the project is to study the use of drones in the construction sector.The goal is to improve digitalisation in the project execution process and carry out all the data processing without interfering in tasks done in the workplace.Unmanned inspections seem to be the best alternative to traditional methods (costly and time-consuming) for inspecting infrastructures, without compromising on the quality of the information.

ACCIONA will therefore develop innovative applications based on drone technology in order to collect real time data about major transport projects, which will help their managers to understand what is happening on site.The aerial information will enable progress to be monitored and help to detect incidents earlier before they become costly or slow down the project execution.

With a budget of nearly €30 million, the Comp4Drones project is financed by the European ECSEL program and by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism at a national level. This ECSEL JU project supplements the work by the SESAR Joint Undertaking to integrate drones in the forthcoming U-Space, which will facilitate drone flights in cities and rural areas as a way of offering innovative services.

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