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Line 1 Quito Metro-ACCIONA consortium reinstates public spaces affected by the works

  • As the works reach 92% complete, the consortium continues to work towards reinstating the city’s public spaces to their original state that were affected by the metro works
  • These reinstated areas include emblematic plazas and streets in the historic centre of the Ecuadorian capital, as well as parks and gardens

The Line 1 Quito Metro-ACCIONA consortium is carrying out the work to reinstate the spaces affected by the metro construction project, which is 92% complete, to return them to their original state.

As occurs with all major infrastructures that are constructed in large cities, the works for Line 1 of the Quito metro have used many of the city’s public spaces. Specifically, more than 75 works sites were created for the workshops and train sheds, factories for the tunnel lining segments, hydraulic works, landfill sites, stations, shafts, concrete plants, and so on.

Some of the most important actions to reinstate these spaces include those carried out in the city’s historic centre, such as Plaza de San Francisco, Plaza Santa Clara or Plaza del Teatro, as well as a section of Bulevar 24 de Mayo or Avenida Gran Colombia.

Outside of the historic centre, the works also took over some of the city’s major avenues, which required strict and ongoing coordination with the Metropolitan Transit Agency and the Secretariat of Mobility to minimise the negative effects on the functioning of the city.

One of the priorities of this process of reinstating the zones affected by the metro construction has been the city’s green areas.One such example is the works carried out in El Arbolito Park, the location of an extraction shaft 25 metres in diameter and 28 metres deep, used to dismantle the two tunnel boring machines that performed the drilling work.It is worth noting that not a single heritage tree was affected by these actions.


Future reinstatement works

Since the works for Line 1 of the Quito metro are in their final phase, there are fewer outstanding reinstatement works compared to those already carried out.

These actions include the bus stop that is being constructed on Avenida de América, which will benefit thousands of students every day who will be able to access Universidad Central Station via a lift.

The Line 1 Quito Metro-ACCIONA consortium also plans to hand back the areas occupied by eight shafts to the community shortly, as well as reinstating the green areas affected by construction of two stations in La Carolina Park.

Four sports pitches above Cardenal de Torre station will also be delivered, in addition to those already handed over.

Throughout the project’s life cycle, the Social Responsibility unit of the Line 1 Quito Metro-ACCIONA consortium has actively participated in reducing the significant impacts –both in the execution of the metro works and in reinstating the affected public spaces- especially on the most vulnerable groups, while maintaining constant communication with the community.

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