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Vote for the three candidates submitted by ACCIONA to the ACEX Awards 2020!

  • ACCIONA, through its infrastructure maintenance area, has submitted three candidates for these iconic awards that recognise safety in the field of maintenance, namely the ZERO IoT system, the Vehicle Range Detection System and the Beluga project.
  • The deadline for voting is 17 September, when the awards will be presented. Vote here!

ACCIONA, through its infrastructure maintenance area, has submitted three candidates to the 16th edition of the National ACEX Awards 2020 for “Safety in Maintenance” organised by the Association of Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation Companies.

The aim of the National ACEX Awards for Safety in Maintenance is to recognise the achievements and efforts of all those workers, companies and administrations that have carried out activities achieving important positive results in the field of safety in infrastructure maintenance and operations.

The three candidates submitted by ACCIONA are the ZERO IoT system (Candidate nº 9), the SDA vehicle range detection system (Candidate nº 10) and the Beluga project (Candidate nº 10).

The deadline for voting for the different candidates is 17 September, when the awards will be presented. Vote here!


ZERO IoT System

ACCIONA has developed the Zero IoT system to reduce the accident rate by interconnecting a series of sensors to provide early detection using warnings of high risk situations that could lead to real incidents.

This system is based on sensors installed in areas where workers are operating, as well as warnings issued in real time in the event of high risk situations. It uses a mobile app combined with a control panel that displays information in real time and performs a historical analysis of the situations recorded.This enables it to assist workers as quickly as possible if it becomes necessary.



SDA Project (Vehicle Range Detection System)

Improving safety conditions for workers involved in highway maintenance and conservation operations is a priority for ACCIONA, especially those that involve lane closures.

The company has therefore developed a system for detecting vehicle range consisting of a series of long-range sensors and artificial vision software with machine learning that detects real high risk situations, warning workers sufficiently in advance so they can act before a close range situation occurs.



Beluga Project

ACCIONA’s Beluga project consists of a series of modifications to a highway safety van to improve the working conditions for highway maintenance workers so they can carry out their work as cleanly, organised, ergonomically and safely as possible.

Among other devices, the vehicle has several support systems for carrying out reversing manoeuvres under the safest possible conditions for the watchman and the operators located close to the vehicle, as well as other signage systems contained in the NS 2/2017 Service Report.ACCIONA employs this system to further boost its commitment to the health and safety of all its workers, using lighter alternatives in the vehicle to reduce its fuel consumption as well as its carbon footprint.


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