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Toowoomba Motorway. Second Range Crossing TSRC

Queensland, Australia

41 km bypass motorway north of the city of Toowoomba in the state of Queensland. Australia.

Cebú Bridge

Cebú, Philippines

650-metre cable-stayed bridge as main structure.

Puhoi-Warkworth Highway

Auckland, New Zealand

The public-private partnership (PPP) project consists of an 18.5 km, four-lane extension of the Northern Motorway (also known as SH1) from the Johnston Hills tunnels to the north of Warkworth.

Bridge over Clarence river at Harwood

Harwood, NSW, Australia

Design and construction of a new 1.52 kilometre bridge over the Clarence River, about 30 meters downstream from the existing bridge. The length of the bridge over the Clarence River will span 620 meters, with a vertical clearance above the river of at least 30 metres for marine traffic to pass.

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