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Miraflores Bridge

Basque Country, Spain

This urban road bridge in Bilbao spans over the Nervión River.  It has an arch span of 148 m that was built with a cantilever design and provisional cables.

Infante Don Henrique Bridge

Porto, Portugal

This is an arch bridge over the River Duero, which links the river banks of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia.

Rande Bridge

Galicia, Spain

The project is a section of the Atlantic Highway, linking La Coruña and Vigo via the Strait of Rande, avoiding a detour of more than 50 km along the estuary.  

Ebro Bridge

Aragon, Spain

The viaduct crossing over the River Ebro has a total length of 400 m, and two parallel viaducts, each made up of 10 40-m long spans, executed with decks on each carriageway on prefabricated double T-beams and a compression slab, with a maximum height of 15 metres.

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