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Guadarrama Tunnel

Madrid, Spain

Built between 2002 and 2008, the tunnel was the sixth longest in the world.

M-30 Southern Bypass Madrid

Madrid, Spain

This project consists of the construction of the North tunnel of the South bypass, measuring 4.20 km long, the M-30 ring road in Madrid between Paseo de Santa María de la cabeza and the junction with the road to Valencia (A-3), near Conde de Casal.

Chuquicamata Tunnels

Atacama, Chile

This $78-million contract, awarded in February 2012, will involve the construction of two air-injection tunnels. 

Bessons Tunnel, Segarra-Garrigues Canal, Section V

Catalonia, Spain

This project consists of the last 22.227 km of the Segarra-Garrigues Canal, which starts at the Rialb Dam on the River Segre, and ends at the Albagés Dam on the River Set. 



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