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Zaragoza Tram

Aragon, Spain

This $490-million project consists of a 13-km tram system in the city of Zaragoza, connecting Valdespartera, in the South, to Goya Park on the north side.

Trambesòs Tram

Catalonia, Spain

The $341-million Trambesòs Tram project consists of three lines (T4, T5 and T6) with a combined length of 14 km, connecting the municipalities of Barcelona, Sant Adrià de Besòs and Badalona.

Murcia Tram

Murcia, Spain

The $163-million Murcia Tram (Tranvimur Pilot Line) project consists of a 2-km long track with one station.

Ma On Shan Line

Hong Kong, China

The TCC 300 consists of an 11.4-km twin deck viaduct and four elevated stations.

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