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Córdoba- Málaga High-Speed Rail

Andalucia, Spain

Construction of a 12.78-km high-speed rail track along the Arroyo del Salado – Arroyo del Ingeniero section.  

High-Speed Rail: Seville-Cádiz (Bahía Sur subsection)

Andalucia, Spain

The project involved the twinning of the subsection of the Bahia Sur track, which is 9.3 km long and runs between the municipalities of San Fernando and Cádiz.

Madrid- Seville High-Speed Rail

Andalucia, Spain

The first high-speed rail project in Southern Europe. 

Madrid-Galicia High-Speed Rail

Castilla y Leon, Spain

The Madrid-Galicia high-speed rail line, located in the North-Northwest Corridor, starts at the junction of the Madrid-Valladolid line in Olmedo and ends in Santiago de Compostela, where it links with the Galician Atlantic Rail Corridor. 

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