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La Malata Land Outfall

Galicia, Spain

Land outfall from the La Malata pumping station to the Cape Prioriño wastewater treatment plant.

Gijón Metro Train

Asturias, Spain

Construction of a 3,538-m long tunnel for an Iberian-gauge electrified double track. The project includes three new stations: Begoña, El Bibio and Viesques.

Trambaix Tram

Catalonia, Spain

The $363-million Trambaix Tram project consists of a new tram line with three branches (T1, T2 and T3). It has a combined length of 15.8 km with 29 stations, most of which are at grade, and includes the fare collection system and one maintenance and storage facility.

Gare de Oriente. Intermodal station

Lisboa, Portugal

The "Gare de Oriente" intermodal station connects the rail, underground and bus lines in Lisbon. It was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava and built to facilitate access to the 1998 Universal Exhibition.

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