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Wroclaw Bridge

Warsaw, Poland

The Oder bridge is part of the Wroclaw Ring Road, in western Poland. It links the A-4, the future S-5 to Poznan and the S-8 to Warsaw.

Beauharnois Bridge

Quebec, Canada

The Beauharnois Canal Bridge spans over the St Lawrence Seaway, the main shipping route between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes. It is the world's second largest incrementally launched bridge. 

Lai Chi Kok Viaduct

Hong Kong, China

The Lai Chi Kok Viaduct (LCKV) is part of the new Route 8 that links Chep Lap Kok International Airport with Shatin Area.

Izbor Viaduct

Andalucia, Spain

The bridge over the River Ízbor is located on the A-44 Ízbor-Velez Highway, which connects Granada to the coast, and bypasses the valley of the same name, at 75 m above the valley bottom.

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