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    Algeciras Port, Cádiz

    The design consists of a perpendicular section to the east, a 413-m separation from the dock and a depth ranging from 28 m in the southern end to 43 m in the northern end.  ACCIONA’s Kugira floating dock was used to build this sea wall, featuring the world's largest reinforced concrete caisson measuring 66.85 m in length, 24.6 m in width and 34 m in height.

    ACCIONA's extensive experience and the use ofcutting-edge technological resources have made it possible to execute benchmark projects both nationally and internationally.

    General Information

    Cádiz, Spain
    Contract type
    Perpendicular section to the east, a separation of 413 m from the wharf and a depth ranging from 28 m at the south end to 43 m at the north end
    Year of project completion

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