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    New Oza Dock

    This project consisted of the construction of a fishing dock formed by a 1,064-m long breakwater, in three alignments. The inside breakwater, which contains a 6-m deep and 1,083-m long caisson quay; a 167-mlong external dike; 200 m of artificial beach between the outer sea wall and the "Talleres Valiña Lavandeira" franchise, with a 20-m minimum width of dry beach; and the foundations (dredging and pavement) for the future Altura and Bajura jetties, both 6 m deep and 200 m and 150 m long respectively.

    General Information

    A Coruña, Spain
    Contract type
    1,064 m-long breakwater , in three alignments; the internal alignment is made up of a 6-m deep and 1,083-m long caisson quay and a 167-m long outer sea wall, 200 m of artificial beach and the foundations for the future jetties
    Year of project completion

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