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    Rio Hortega Hospital, Valladolid

    The hospital has 16 buildings with large structures, and is designed in a horizontal layout such that consultations and diagnostics services are located in the same building. The emergency services are near the heliport, with direct access from the street. 

    The project consisted of three main areas:

    • Access area: located in two strips, north and east of the property, between the property boundary and the building.
    • Central area: where the hospital is to be located, made up of several interconnected but separate buildings, such that all working areas have their own source of natural light.
    • Service area: located in the southern area, which is connected to the rest of the hospital areas by means of a network of galleries to be used for the distribution of electromechanical supplies to the different points of use.

    The architectural layout is horizontal, and buildings have no more than four levels.

    The blocks are separated from each other so that all working areas have their own source of natural light.

    General Information

    Valladolid, Spain
    Contract type
    Design and construction
    Constructed area 125,821 m2
    Year of project completion

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