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    La Malata Land Outfall

    The project can be divided into two large parts: Pumping and load breaking, land outfall 

    The pumping system consists of a 102-m trench containing two 1,200-mm cast-iron pipes that convey the water to the inlet of the land outfall. At this point, a large load breaking inspection chamber is installed, such that from this point, the water flows by gravity through the outfall, which has a length of 7,344 m and an internal diameter of 3 m. The tunnel excavation was performed with a tunnel boring machine (TBM).

    The upper part of the chamber will be developed to create a recreational area for urban use.

    General Information

    Ferrol, La Coruña, Spain
    Contract type
    7,343-m long tunnel of 3 metres in diameter and a slope of 1.5 m x 1,000 m
    Year of project completion

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