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    Trambesòs Tram

    It has a total of 28 stations, 11 of which link to metro and suburban rail stations. A building has been constructed to house its facilities. The line is primarily at grade, and is completely integrated with Barcelona's public transportation network. The fleet consists of eighteen 32.5-m long carriages with a capacity for 230 passengers.

    Nearly the entire line runs through the downtown core of Barcelona, Spain's second-largest city and one of the most densely populated cities in Europe.

    The project involves the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance as well as the provision of the rolling stock. Payments are based on an availability mechanism until it is turned back over in 2032.

    The project is currently operational, since construction was completed in 2008.

    General Information

    Barcelona, Spain
    Design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance
    14 kilometres of double tracks, 28 stations , 18 32.5-m long trains, as well as a facilities building
    Year of project completion

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